Friday, August 14, 2015

True Love is Nailed to the Cross

Remaining loyal to the Apostolic Faith passed down to us through the centuries requires sacrifice. True love requires sacrifice; where sacrifice does not exist there is no real love. Love is not shallow. Shallow love is filling a void with a temporary fix, emotion, physical attraction or bond, something that has no substance and is fixed on the temporal world. Being faithful to the Apostolic Faith requires us to shun shallow love and cling to that which lasts unto eternal life.

As Christians our goal is heaven, not the trends and shallow fixes that this life offers us, for they, like the wind, come and go. If we follow Christ our God, it requires us to make real sacrifices. Love that embraces sin is not love at all, it is make believe love, perhaps Hollywood love, but certainly not the love that Christ taught and has for His Church.

True love will mean that we will be ostracized when we stand for the Apostolic Faith and the teaching authority that Christ entrusted to his Church. Following historical Christianity requires our willingness to be spit upon, just as Christ was during His sojourn to the Cross. When we have to take a stand in defense of the Apostolic Faith as it has been Divinely revealed, because we are surrounded by those who malign historical Christianity, then be prepared to be called all kinds of names and assigned all kinds of labels by those same maligners who seek to create their own 'Christ' and their own version of Christianity.

A 'Christ' and 'Christianity' created by man is not the Apostolic Faith entrusted to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. It is anti-Christ religion with the appearances of Christianity because it betrays Christ and His Church as He divinely revealed it to us and as it has been safeguarded by the authority of the Church, namely her loyal orthodox bishops, priests, monks, nuns, and laity throughout the centuries.

If we are going to be loyal to Christ and His Church, if we are going to be loyal to our baptismal commitment, if we are going to be real men of our word, real people of integrity, then we must first make sure that what we are being loyal to is the Apostolic Church and not some pseudo-Christian Church that embraces sin and this world. Christ embraced the sinner not the sin.

To be a Christian requires us to be men of integrity, faithful to Christ our Divine Master, and not to the worldly lifestyles and sinful endeavors that this world offers us. True love requires sacrifice; where there is no sacrifice, there is no love.

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