Monday, August 3, 2015


Please let me take a moment to thank all of the viewers and readers of Christ: Light of the East.

Last month nearly 1,200 readers viewed the various posts. We are nearing 30,000 viewers throughout the world who visit and read Christ: Light of the East.

The purpose of Christ: Light of the East is to offer solid theological teaching on an assortment of doctrinal and moral matters from a historical Christian perspective according to Orthodox teaching and praxis. I will continue to teach the historical doctrine of Christianity and adhere to the moral teaching of the Church.

I want to thank my viewers from all over the world: the United States, Ukraine, France, China, United Kingdom, Kenya, Brazil, Italy, Australia, Spain, Russia, Greece, Poland, the Netherlands, Philippines, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, etc..

May God bless you and the Mother of God place you under the mantle of her holy protection.


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