Sunday, August 16, 2015

Christ is Patriarch and His Church is our Patriarchate

Ancient * Biblical * Liturgical

Christ is the Supreme Head and Pastor of His Church.

Are you seeking a biblically centered Church that adheres to the ancient Christian Faith of the Apostles? Are you looking for the Faith that the Apostles gave their lives for, dying for the name of Christ? Do you want to be part of the Church that the martyrs shed their blood for? Are you seeking the Church that remains faithful to the authority established in her hierarchy and led by the Holy Spirit? Do you want the Church that has stood faithful to her mission since Christ established it on the foundation of the Holy Apostles, the Church that refuses to compromise in the face of the ever-changing world, her trends and deceptions? Are you looking for the Church that the powers of Hell cannot and will not prevail against? Do you want to know where to find this Church preserved and unadulterated by men?

This Church can be found in those Churches that have not deviated from the Apostolic Faith and teaching authority as preserved, living and true, in the orthodox and catholic Bishops who remain faithful to what has been entrusted to them without compromising it before the world.

This Church is enshrined in the orthodox Faith as it has been passed down to us from the Apostles, shared by the Orthodox and Catholic Churches that remain faithful to the divinely revealed truth and disseminated by the faithful bishops who preserve this Faith and guard her from the snares of worldly trends, opinions, movements, false prophets, false teachers, etc.

Christ's Church is preserved from error, she does not follow the parades of the world, she does not betray herself by compromising the truth for lies, she does not compromise the order of creation for trends, she does not cave to the world's subcultural movements, she does not deviate from the authority entrusted to her by the Holy Spirit and preserved in the teaching authority, the Synod of Bishops, the Magisterium.

This Church is not limited to ethnic biases or man made patriarchates. This Church does not ostracize sinners but stands firm against sin - leading all people toward transformation and inner conversion in order to become holy. This Church is not a cafeteria for worldly pursuits but she stands strong against the winds of change that try to knock her from her rock foundation. This Church is not preoccupied with leading her followers into temporal pleasures but is focused on the eternal light house.

This Church is not contained solely in the patriarchate of the West (Rome), the patriarchate of Antioch, the patriarchate of Russia, the patriarchate of Jerusalem or Alexandria since she cannot be contained by such man made boundaries inspired by political machinations. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely," (Lord Acton).

This Church has withstood the various political regimes and ecclesiastical clashes that have sought to tear her body apart. This Church stands because Christ founded her, Christ is her Head, Christ is her Supreme Pontiff and Pastor, Christ is her only Patriarch, Christ is her Lord and God. Christ never belonged to any patriarchate made by man and used only to divide his mystical body into ethnically biased Churches. Christ's Church is "where there is neither Gentile nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian nor Scythian, bond nor free. But (where) Christ is all, and in all," (Colossians 3:11).

As a Christian Church, preserving the ancient Faith divinely revealed by Jesus Christ, we are authentically biblical, evangelical and sacramental holding firm to what He established. Christ is the true Patriarch and His Church is our only true Patriarchate. Anything else is man made. 

Seek Christ, follow Christ, remain faithful to Christ in the face of a world that seeks to drive us away from Him.

Ancient * Biblical * Liturgical

Ancient Christianity without ethnic bias and division. 
Biblically centered
Liturgically Sacramental

Western Orthodox Christian Church

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