Friday, July 31, 2015

The Masterful Masquerade...

"Do not tell me what to do!" You are not my mother or father, so mind your own business." "Who cares what the Church says!" "I do not believe that." "This is my body, so I will do with it what I want." "The Church is out of touch and needs to get with it." "You are hateful!" "If gay partners can be ministers in some ecclesial bodies, why not women, why not the transgendered...anything less is exclusive!" "I support gay partners being married and becoming ministers but I am absolutely against women becoming priests or having abortions."

The saga of statements or accusations could go on and on. We have all heard someone say at least one of these or all of these at some point or another. They may even have been said to us. I know I have been accused of being "hateful" and "bigoted." But when truth becomes disguised as a lie, a deception only the Evil One can successfully pull off, then all hell breaks lose.

The historical Church will not ordain men who are in gay partnerships, men who are without seminary formation, theological/pastoral education; she will not recognize as a Sacrament any form of union contracted by the state. As Christians we should remain faithful to the historical Church that upholds the nature of the Sacraments, solid biblical teaching, adheres to the hierarchy and teaching authority given to her by Christ; the Church that safeguards what she has received from time immemorial; the Church whose bishops realize they have no authority to alter what has been divinely revealed and maintained since the Church's founding and entrusted to their care; the Church that does not ordain women because Christ did not institute the Sacrament in this way; the Church that is connected to the countless martyrs who gave their lives safeguarding and witnessing to these timeless truths; the Church united to the communion of Saints, the innumerable holy men and women who lived the Faith, in and out of season, when it was popular and when it was not; the Church who refuses to compromise her Apostolic Succession by putting it in bed with the world, her trends, her subcultures, her empty promises, her lies; the Church that loves all people, welcomes all people, but holds all people accountable to live lives of holiness and not to succumb to the ways of the world; the Church that encourages her clergy and laity to 'set aside all earthly things' and allow Christ to transform hearts and minds; the Church that does not settle for excuses nor seeks after opportunities to divert from the historical mission entrusted to her from Christ; the Church that loves the sinner but hates the sin; the Church that believes people can transcend their weaknesses through the power of divine Grace; the Church that respects authority and acknowledges that it must submit to Christ her divine Head.

Once one deviates from the historical Church which has Christ as its Head, founded upon the Apostles, and passed down throughout the ages, maintained in those who remain faithful to what has been divinely revealed, then it is no longer Christ's Church to which they belong. Imagine the Roman Catholic Irish submitting to the church founded by King Henry just would not occur. The Roman Catholic Irish know the history and realize that what King Henry established was a parallel shell to the Roman Catholic Church, separating himself out from the Church of Rome in order to accomplish his own whims. For an Irish Roman Catholic to accept this they would have had to be placed under the spell of Jim Jones and forced to drink the cool-aid. Even the non-practicing Irish Roman Catholic knew that the church of King Henry VIII was a pseudo-Catholic Church and founded by him so he could do his own thing. Once one deviates from historical Christianity they no longer belong to the Church Christ founded; they belong to something of their own creation but it is not representative of His Church, it's simply just an empty shell with no guts in it.

Any cleric or lay person that would place themselves in this situation slaps every martyr and saint in the face that came before them and gave their lives to the Church. They make a mockery of historical Christianity as they create a church body that gets to pick and choose what pleases it from this world.

“As we walk the unerring and life-bringing path, let us pluck out the eye that scandalizes us-not the physical eye, but the noetic one. For example, if a bishop or presbyter-who are the eyes of the Church-conduct themselves in an evil manner and scandalize the people, they must be plucked out. For it is more profitable to gather without them in a house of prayer, than to be cast together with them into the gehenna of fire together with Annas and Caiaphas.”

— St. Athanasius the Great, PG 26:1257c

The world calls those of us who choose to remain faithful to the historical Church: "anti-gay," "anti-women," "haters," "anti-Christ's," "venomous," etc. The laundry list could go on and on. The Devil is a masterful deceiver; he masks lies as if they are truth and countless souls fall prey - hook, line and sinker to wolves in sheep's clothing. The Devil hates Christ's Church but loves any of these groups leading souls away from the unity of the divinely revealed Faith, preserved in those particular Churches that will not succumb to the great deception. The Devil is working overtime to lead solid men and women out of the unity of this holy Faith into a creation of their own design. The same Devil despises authority, the authority of the written Word of God, quoted by Christ Himself, and the authority of His Divine Church passed down through the ages, of which the fires of hell will never prevail. "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: but resist him, firm in your faith..." 1 Peter 5: 8-9.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, - pray for us.
St. Joseph - pray for us.
St. Athanasius - pray for us.
St. Michael the Archangel - pray for us.

Let us pray for all those who hate us because we love the historical Church of the martyrs and saints. Let us bless them and not curse them.

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