Friday, July 10, 2015

Ecclesiastical Drive Thrus

Independent from what?

The Church is not an independent organization that does what it feels like, when it feels like doing it. As a matter-of-fact the Church is not a denomination, that is a post Great Schism development that is linked to the Roman Church and occurred as a result of the Protestant Reformation. The Church has nothing to do with 'denominationalism.' Denominationalism is a reaction against the Church, a series of independent movements. Each time a member of one of these denominations disagreed with another member or something being taught then they would splinter off and develop yet another denomination. The recent number of post Great Schism Christian 'denominations' is approximately 53,000. Some are mega churches, some are living room bible studies. Whatever the case may be, this is not part of the Orthodox Faith preserved and maintained in both East and West for well over a thousand years.

Independent ecclesial bodies are like going to a fast food restaurant drive thru. In these ecclesial bodies you can find a variety of options on the menu and determine for yourself which one meets your particular fancy. Perhaps you want woman to be ordained, there is an option is some of these groups for this. Maybe you want abortion to be recognized as a legitimate 'choice', there is an option for this. Or perhaps you are looking for trying to have the best of both worlds - the life of grace and the life of worldly pursuits, there are several options for this. It may be that you want to be in a same-sex government marriage and at the same time attempt ordination of some sort, there is even a drive thru that provides this menu option too. Maybe you just want to have the trappings of the modern Roman Catholic Church and pretend to be Catholic but not in communion with the Bishop of Rome, you can even find this on the menu choice.  The problem with all of has nothing at all to do with the Church. As a matter-of-fact it is a mockery of the Church and her founder, Our Divine Lord. This ecclesiastical drive thru is based on disney land religion, it is all emotively and selfishly driven with zero substance. It's all like a whitened sepulchre, as Our Lord called it, beautiful on the outside but full of dead mens bones on the inside (Matthew 23: 27).

An old priest friend of mine from some years back, Father Federico (+2007), use to say about all this nonsense: "What are they independent from? Independent from Christ?!"

There is no such thing as a drive thru menu for Christ's Church, either we accept it all, or we place ourselves outside communion with what He divinely founded. Those who foster such divisions attack the mystical body of Christ. I would hate to be in the shoes of one, at the particular Judgement, and have to make an accounting to Him as to why His Church was not good enough. Satan tried to redefine the mission of the Church and attempted to use St. Peter the Apostle to do it, and Christ rebuked him, saying "Get behind me Satan!" (Matthew 16:23). One cannot remake the Church into their own image and likeness, this oozes with the sin of pride and resonates the cry of Satan: 'Non serviam!' (I will not serve).

If you find yourself in this situation remove yourself from it for the sake of your immortal soul. Embrace the Cross and set aside all earthly cares and ambitions. Be transformed by divine Grace and realize that you do not have to remain shackled to sin, a gay lifestyle, addictions, pornography, individualism, etc. Christ, the Divine Physician, can make you whole if you are willing to be transformed by His Grace. "And be not conformed to this world. But be reformed in the newness of your mind, that you may prove what is good and acceptable, and the perfect will of God," (Romans 12:2).

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