Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Unloosen the Shackles....

Facing the truth is not always an easy thing to do. Sometimes it causes rifts between relationships. These rifts may be between institutional ideals, societies, nations, or simply individuals. Loyalty to the Church, as it was established by Christ, is what matters at the end of the day. Remaining a person of integrity requires us to remain steadfast in the truth even when it makes us unpopular or despised.

In my life as a priest and now as a bishop I have challenged those who have deliberately attempted to re-write our history or who have distorted our history as something other than our history; obviously challenging such persons (including bishops) did not make me very popular. What is wrong is wrong!

In one instance I helped in the canonical suppression of a Roman Catholic community of men because of its founder who was using it to hide behind as he worked to make himself wealthy. In the beginning of bringing the truth to the light I became looked upon as the bad guy; as time ensued the scales on the eyes of the other men in that community began to fall off and they saw it for what it was. I soon became an asset. Several members of that community suffered from emotional abuse at the hands of that insidious man. When they decided to work together and saw it for what it was and were no longer under the founder's spell, the truth set them free and the community was suppressed.

When the truth needs to be told we cannot be afraid to make it known even when it causes rifts in relationships. We have the opportunity to massage ear lobes all day long but that does not safeguard our holy Faith, the Church and what has been divinely revealed by Christ in the written Word and in Sacred Tradition passed down to us by the Holy Apostles.

Facing the truth is a challenge. It can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences for one personally and inter-relationally. We have to make choices and decisions about ourselves personally and inter-relationally when we face the truth. I have counseled countless folks over the years in all kinds of relational situations. Having to deal with their choices and face the truth of their situations was often times heart-wrenching for them. Growth can only occur when we are prepared to unloosen the shackles that keep us down. No relationship that is healthy, whether it be an institutional or personal relationship, keeps one in the mud and a slave to mere political correctness. Facing the truth as regards a relationship may cause us to have to separate ourselves from that relationship because of its unhealthy tenets. The truth will set you free!

Focus Question: What do I need to do in my life today to be free to serve the Truth?

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