Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Canonical and Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Church

Come worship with us!

Old Roman Catholic Church 
A Western Orthodox Christian Church

We are a Canonical and Orthodox Jurisdiction
of the 
Old Roman Catholic Church

We are canonical in that we follow the canons 
established for use in our Church and are erected the same way every other jurisdiction has been erected.
We are directly descended from Archbishop Mathew through the same Old Catholic lineage he received from Utrecht at the hands of Archbishop Gul. Check out our historical Apostolic Succession shared by every Old Catholic and Old Roman Catholic bishop throughout the world. 

If you are seeking to be united to an authentically Western Orthodox jurisdiction that exclusively celebrates the Divine Liturgy of St. Gregory the Theologian with the appropriate insertion of the Epiclesis; if you are seeking the Sacraments/Holy Mysteries celebrated correctly and with utmost reverence; if you are seeking Orthodoxy in its entirety, expressed according to a Western liturgical style...then come and worship with us.

Old Roman Catholic Church

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